Steve Jobs

The amazing life and times of the Apple guy.

Elon Musk

Be amazed by the life and times of this ultra risk taker, big thinker who never gives up. Read about the man who is relentlessly saving us all.

The 33 Strategies of War

Learn the mental, rational and strategic side of war through the eyes of historical characters in this well researched gem by Robert Greene.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Learn how to create an uncontested market space and make the competation irrelevent in this must read business book

The 48 laws of Power

A ruthless, cunning an manupulative guide to power, researched from thousands of years of history. Read at your own risk.

Zero to One

Do you want to innovate and make a new product that changes the world? Read this book to get the world from Zero to One.

The Lean Startup

A must read book for all Entrepreneurs that demonstrates how to build a sustainable business by thinking Lean.

Think and Grow Rich

Are you in confusion about how you can use your mind to accumulate the riches you always wanted to have? Then this is the book for you.