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We are a bunch of book lovers who write book reviews in this blog.

The books we review are about, but not limited to Finance, Entrepreneurship, and business strategy.

Our Writers

 Chirag Kashyap


I am an Android developer from Bengaluru India. I love books and motorcycles. If I am not coding an awesome app or taking my bike on a hilltop or beside a beach, I read. I like to share my thoughts about my reading experiences. I am looking to build a strong community of book lovers. I believe that the books are a way of informal education and must be practiced by all literate people.

Bhargav Kashyap


I am a CA aspirant from Bengaluru, India. I read books while solving Rubik’s cubes. Books from diverse fields fascinate me. There are days where I have spent all my time in finishing a book in one sitting. I believe the more we share, the more we have. As the power is about sharing knowledge and not hoarding it, I am looking forward to sharing my learnings from priceless books.


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