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We are a bunch of book lovers who write book reviews in this blog.

The books we review are about, but not limited to Finance, Entrepreneurship, and business strategy.

Our Writers

 Chirag Kashyap


I am an Android developer from Bengaluru India. I love books and motorcycles. If I am not coding an awesome app or taking my bike on a hilltop or beside a beach, I read. I like to share my thoughts about my reading experiences. I am looking to build a strong community of book lovers. I believe that the books are a way of informal education and must be practiced by all literate people.

Bhargav Kashyap


I am a CA aspirant from Bengaluru, India. I read books while solving Rubik’s cubes. Books from diverse fields fascinate me. There are days where I have spent all my time in finishing a book in one sitting. I believe the more we share, the more we have. As the power is about sharing knowledge and not hoarding it, I am looking forward to sharing my learnings from priceless books.

Sebin James


I am a law student from Cochin, a wanderer in search of an ethereal essence and an amateur writer who craves for an intricate intimacy with words. The surreal world of Literature and the extent of emotions it awakens in our minds have always fascinated me. I believe that the portrayal of any work of fiction must possess certain honesty in itself, I aim to maintain that in my work.I am also an ardent devotee of realistic movies as well as books. A group of book enthusiasts who admire literature and critically analyze those works is all I want. I am very happy to be a part of such a wonderful community and I am looking forward to the amazing ventures we will have together in the future.


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